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Psyche - Her Struggle for Love

The Undressed Psyche
22 was the age of her psycho-sexual development .Full of energy and enthusiasm , Psyche was an amicable girl . She would let anyone come close to her. How ever she knew her virtues well and had a conviction over her desires . She was cognizant of her beauty and the desire it created.

Psyche was a career-ambitious woman , full with an urge for personal development . She had a gamut of friends , but in none could she find the 'animus' she was looking for.

She finally found someone who could satiate her urge - physically , philosophically and psychologically . He was able to give meaning to her life. He cared for her, and loved her . However , his possessiveness would create an internal conflict with her amicable nature .

Psyche had to part with her friends and chose his love above all .It was not difficult for her . But the choice between her ambitions, her career and her love tore her apart , depressed her . She chose separation with her Love. Psyche was sad but strong . This gave her strength to rise fast in her career , as it caused the separation with her soul .

At the peak of her career , she was but sad . She was willing to sacrifice her career for the long lost love . She quit . She didn't want to pursue something that caused separation with her soul , her love . She had gained enough business insight , and decided to start her own business , but only after she gets him back . Went to all the place she knew , she would find him there . Traveled half the country , queried his friends and located him . The sparkle between them was still alive . Next day , they married .

After long years , she is still with the same guy , but her sexuality has matured . Going through the suffering she could now feel the difference between her innocent , young , amateur love and the ripe love that has survived through hard times- much like the phoenix that rekindles again with even more intensity !

PS :

Adapted from the character of Psyche in Cupid and Psyche . Cupid and Psyche is a story from Latin Novel "The Golden Ass" written by Apuleius in 2nd Century AD . The story is about the overcoming of obstacles to the love between Psyche and Eros ( Cupid ) , culminating in their ultimate union in marriage .

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